Kitchen Remodel

As a part of PUMC’s T4T, work has begun to plan an updated and renovated kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Listening Post

As a part of PUMC’s Transforming-4-Tomorrow, work has begun to plan an updated and renovated kitchen. The first step in this planning is to understand the mission and needs of the church. 

In November of 2021, several sessions were held with small groups to gather input for kitchen needs and desires. There will be an additional input session open to all of the church on Sunday, January 23, at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary.

During the input session on January 23, you can hear about the approach to the kitchen renovation project and provide your input for the kitchen for topics including appliances, storage, food prep, and layout.

If you cannot provide input in person, you can send your submit your input by submitting this form.

The kitchen helps to serve many PUMC ministries in the name of Christ, including:

  • Monday Night Homeless Ministry – Dinners prepared and delivered to the homeless in downtown Indianapolis
  • 2nd and Last Saturday Lunch Program – Lunches for the local community (dine-in) and delivered to local shelter organizations and low-income housing areas with no charge (donations accepted).
  • Annual Community Fish Fry – A fish fry dinner held since the late 1940s at the request of town leadership to “boost the spirits of residents” after WWII. Proceeds support Scouts, PUMC Youth, and church missions.
  • Church Group Dinners – Various dinners for small groups, holidays, bereavement, etc.
  • Worship Hospitality – Coffee and snack preparation for worship services.

Thank you for being a part of our kitchen’s essential and exciting transformation!