Door Security

PUMC Door Security System Policies

In an effort to keep PUMC both accessible and secure, a door security system has recently been installed on all the outer doors of the church building. A combination of hardware and computer software gives the church unprecedented options for keeping its building, and, more importantly, its occupants, secure.

Generally, outer doors to the building will remain locked at all times, except during pre-determined periods of high traffic use by the public (i.e. – during worship services, funerals, weddings or concerts). Keys formerly used to unlock the building’s outer doors are no longer operable. During business hours – weekdays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, please use Door #2 for easiest access to the office.

During times when doors are locked, entry to the building will be available at specific doors and times as needed. The Office Manager and other trained individuals will program the software to allow access to the building by groups and individuals who need it.

Staff members will be issued a “fob” which can be used to allow access to the building. Groups meeting at regular times will be assigned a Group PIN code. Members of that group may enter that code on keypads adjacent to selected doors, to allow access before, during and after their meetings. Individuals at least 18 years of age who have need to be in the building frequently may apply for a Personal PIN code, allowing them specific access at the needed time(s).

An Approval Board, as delegated by Church Council, will approve or deny applications on a case-by-case basis and will consider exceptions to any of these policies as warranted. The Approval Board may also revoke access for individuals who fail to adhere to the policies, including misuse of PIN codes. Misuse includes, but is not limited to, sharing a Personal PIN code with anyone else, sharing a Group PIN code with someone outside of that group, or misrepresentation of information in their application.

Forms for Personal PIN Code Application or Request for Policy Exceptions may be obtained in the church office, or downloaded on the church website, at Completed and signed forms should be returned to the Office Manager in the church office, or by postal mail at the church address.

The Approval Board members are delegated by the church’s Board of Trustees, and will include 1 staff member, 1 trustee, and 1 at-large church member.

Individual use of fobs and PINs will be reviewed at least once per year, and codes will be removed and/or fobs reprogrammed as determined appropriate by the Approval Board. Group or Individual PIN codes may also be changed from time to time to enhance security.

Parents of children in the PUMC Children’s Programs will be issued temporary Personal PIN codes for drop-off and pick-up, valid only during periods for which their children are registered in the program(s).

These policies may be updated from time to time, as needed, with the approval of Church Council.

rev. 9/8/2021