Columbarium and Memorial Garden

Plainfield UMC's Columbarium is an area of permanent niches for the interment of cremated remains.

The Plainfield United Methodist Church Columbarium and Memorial Garden offer members and their families a simple, dignified option to a traditional burial as a final resting place for their loved ones.

Dedicated in April 2010, our columbarium, located just south of door #14, is a modular unit installed within the wall of the church building adjacent to the Chapel. The columbarium consists of 64 niches sized to receive the cremains of one or two deceased. Each niche is provided with two urns and a black granite cover with provided engraving with the name of the deceased and the dates of birth and death.

What are the benefits?

The columbarium helps relieve stress about what to do with the departed’s remains in a safe, economical, theologically correct, and ecologically sound way to honor the dead.

What are the costs?

The cost for the burial right for the use of the niche is $1750 and will accommodate two sets of remains if desired. The price of engraving a granite niche cover is a separate cost paid by the Grantee and is typically $150-$200.

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