Celebrate Advent in Classic Worship

The greatest Christmas gift of all is for you.

Your Journey to Bethlehem

Most of us can tell the story. We know the key points and events. Like most Bible stories, the birth of Jesus looms large for us. It’s important. Just like the celebrations of the season, the events and places of Jesus’ birth have a certain holy glow in our imaginations. That “holy glow” can also serve to give the story a certain far-away, long-ago, fairy-tale like quality. We almost expect the telling to start with the phrase, “Once upon a time.” But the events did happen in real places, to real people, at a specific time. The Bible, along with some understanding of the geography and customs of the day, will help us go to Bethlehem and experience God's visit to Earth in the very real human birth of Jesus. God invites us to experience it. The greatest Christmas gift of all is for you. And it's not an online shopping discount. Don't miss your journey to Bethlehem.

Advent Schedule

November 28 - Nazareth

December 5 - Bethlehem

December 12 - Ein Karem

December 18 - The Route from Nazareth to Bethlehem

December 24 - The Manger

Join Us

Worship has always been a central activity of Christians through the centuries and around the world. People of faith gather regularly to praise God, hear a meaningful word from the Bible, and be comforted by the familiar songs and friendly people. Classic Worship at PUMC includes all of this and more.

Join us at PUMC for Classic Worship each Sunday at 8:45 and 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary.