Bible Reading Plans

Invitation to Bible reading from Pastor Charlie...

Bible Reading Plans

"One of the most helpful and fulfilling personal spiritual practices I have enjoyed is reading through the entire Bible on a regular basis. I invite you to join me in a planned, complete reading of the Bible.

As of the end of 2014, I will have read the Bible 21 times over 27 consecutive years. As followers of Jesus, I believe it is essential to continue to not only study the Bible, but to continue to read it to maintain familiarity with it, to grow in understanding, and to give God opportunity to teach us.

Now is the time to develop a plan which one can begin for the new year (or sooner, as I will explain). There are many ways to read through the Bible methodically. I offer three possible reading plans here...

Pastor Charlies Personal Reading Plan

The first is a reading plan I’ve developed and used many times. This plan covers the entire Bible over a two year period, reading the Old Testament, Psalms, and New Testament simultaneously, reading just four days each week. Using this plan, the average reader will spend only 15 minutes each day (one hour a week) in reading time. I always begin my plan at the first of December, so that at the start I am one month “ahead.” So if emergencies arise or I somehow get detained from completing my readings, I don’t get discouraged by getting “behind.” Maybe it’s a mind game, but I know myself and this keeps me going. This December I will be starting with Genesis, Psalms, and Matthew again. Pastor Charlie's Two Year Bible Reading Plan


Michael Coley One Year Plan

Another plan, developed by Michael Coley, takes you through the entire Bible in one year, reading 7 days each week. The average reader can complete this plan spending only about seventeen minutes each day in reading time. Michael Coley One Year Bible Reading Plan


Discipleship Journal Reading Plan

And a third option is a plan I have used in the past, offered by Discipleship Journal magazine. This plan is very flexible, as the instructions will indicate. Notice only twenty-five reading days each month - built-in catch-up days! Online Discipleship Journal Reading Plan


Online YouVersion Reading Plans at

If you use the YouVersion Bible app, there are also hundreds of reading plans available there that you can access on your computer or mobile device.


Please prayerfully consider renewing your own practice of reading the Bible in its entirety or taking up that practice for the first time. God will bless you as you spend time with His written Word."

Pastor Charlie