Endowment Awareness Month

May is Endowment Awareness Month. With our lives returning to more regular day-to-day activities, we want to remind everyone what our Endowment program means to our church family.

The Endowment funds sponsor PUMC Christian ministries and ministries related to the United Methodist Church, not supported by the church’s primary operating budget, with the interest income from the funds.

Due to good investment growth in 2020, our Endowment funds approved grants to improvements to the New Day Praise sanctuary, the new chairs in the Main Lobby, and five of the video screens you see throughout the church.

The Endowment Committee recently added a new donor-designated fund to support “The Pipe Organ Preservation and Use Fund.”

Our funds grow when the investment market has a good year or individuals donate additional funds. If you would like to consider creating a legacy and giving to the Endowment program in your life financial plan, please consider adding the PUMC Endowment Program to your beneficiary list by speaking with your financial planner or your life insurance agent.

For more information regarding the PUMC Endowment Program, visit pumc.org or visit the pumc.org kiosk in the main lobby by the blue wall.