PUMC Youth Online Auction

The last year and a half have been a season of change. So many events and activities were postponed, rescheduled, or just plain cancelled. The annual PUMC Youth Online Auction is happening again this year, and your support is needed!

Why get in on the action, especially if you don’t have teens? By supporting PUMC youth, you will make a difference in their spiritual growth and development. Your prayers and your donations will make a difference in programs and outreach available to the youth.

PUMC youth routinely volunteer in local, national, and international mission and outreach opportunities. Our teenagers provide leadership at church summer camps and participate in activities to strengthen their spiritual growth.  To support these activities and events, PUMC hosts the 10th Annual PUMC Youth Online Auction from August 27 - September 13.

Now here’s the best part! By simply donating any of the items below, you can help the vibrant youth ministry at PUMC thrive! Here’s a list of some things you can contribute to the Youth Online Auction:

  • Gift cards to restaurants, stores, gas cards, spas, etc. (Local businesses can use the support.)
  • Gift baskets – lots of ideas out there to be creative
  • Monetary gifts directly supporting the youth
  • Talents that you might have, such as baking, carpentry, home repair, crafting, etc.
  • Tickets to a future sporting, concert, and theatre events
  • New merchandise – think along the lines of what you might like bidding on!

Drop off your donations at church or head to pumc.org, or visit the pumc.org kiosk in the main lobby by the blue wall to schedule a time to have your items picked up. We ask that you donate your items by late July.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

With appreciation,

Brenda Barnett & Diane Preusch
Auction Coordinators