Transforming for Tomorrow Update

Transforming for Tomorrow began in 2019 to replace failing systems and update the building’s physical appearance and usefulness. Through the 5-year financial commitment of over 100 families, one time giving of several small groups and individuals, and one grant, we have been blessed with funding to complete:
  1. Parking lot resurfacing
  2. Eight digital signs
  3. Updating approximately eight restrooms and making one fully ADA compliant 
  4. Fresh paint throughout the building
  5. Wood accent walls in the north and south lobbies
  6. Eight new chairs for the main lobby
  7. Several small projects that have supported the more significant projects

Not under the T4T umbrella are the HVAC and flat roof replacement recently also begun through the generosity of a church loan’s approval.
Thank you to all of our gracious donors!

T4T is currently working with Trustees to secure funding for a building-wide security system that will cost $34,000 to ensure doors are locked when they need to be.

With the paint and new furniture giving a fresh appearance in the Narthex, T4T began to work with the T4T designer to select a durable and visually pleasing carpet for the Narthex and north and south lobbies. Carpet for these areas will cost approximately $25,000. One carpet tile costs roughly $14.00. Would you be willing to consider funding one or a few carpet squares, or even one hundred?  

Our church treasurer, Rebecca, would happily accept any check or online donation. You may mark your gift with “carpet”, “security”, or T4T, and it will fund these two projects.

The T4T committee and I are fully aware that many of us continue to fulfill our initial T4T pledges through 2023. Thank you for your commitment. The carpet and security funding is above and beyond.
The goal of T4T is to make our space welcoming to new guests and those of us who have been here forever. The committee hopes you enjoy the refreshed spaces in your building, and we use your monetary gifts in the most strategic way possible.

Thank you for your generosity.

Kimberly Meyer, T4T Chairman