Poinsettia Dedication List

Poinsettias given by and in loving memory

Debi Kinnamon in memory of Carol Edmondson and Jeff Edmondson
Carol Clem in memory of Fred Clem
Judy Watts in memory of Robert R, Charlotte M, Robert C. Watts
Hannah & Cody Wiswasser in memory of Mark Malson
Bill & LeeAnn Overbey in memory of our parents, Ken and Bertie Overbey; and Dick and Barbara Wykoff
Tamara and Sarah Miller and TerryJones in memory of Ken and Carolyn Jolly, loving parents and grandparents
Betty Barding in memory of Keith Barding and Loved Ones
Mary Martha Circle in memory of Bonnie Elmore

Poinsettias given by and in celebration

Jim & Martha Roath in celebration of our grandchildren