Update from Madina Village School

Dear Friends at PUMC,

Hello.  How are you?  Here’s hoping that you have remained safe and healthy!
I returned to Fort Wayne from Madina Village School in Sierra Leone, on June 10th.  I self-quarantined for two weeks because of the COVID-19 and I am happy to report that I am fine.   I had left here March 10th and Bobbie was supposed to follow in three weeks, but COVID-19 came along in between so she didn’t get to go.

The goal of my trip this time was to see the roof put onto the clinic and to build a guesthouse between our house and the school.  The clinic is ready for its roof, but the roof is not on yet.  It has been ordered, but I had to return to the U.S. before it arrived.  We have professionals there waiting to install it when it comes.

The next phase will be to put in the outside doors, inside doors, windows and guard bars.  We always raise funds for each phase before we attempt it.  So this is our goal now, to raise around $48,000 before the time we return to Sierra Leone in September.  (We are hopeful that COVID-19 will be under control so that schools will open then.)  The sooner we get this Community Health Center built, the sooner it can start providing care and saving lives!

Francis Mustapha
Founder, Madina Village School