Easter Lily Dedications

Given in loving memory of:

Robert R; Charlotte M; Robert Charles Watts by Judy Watts
Sarah’s Grandparents, Brian’s Grandmother by Brian & Sarah Witzig
Our parents, Helen & Rollo Roath and Evelyn & Freeman Trulock by Martha & Jim Roath
Sherry Snow, Thelma Johnson, and Jackie Snow by Jimmy & Kelli Snow
Gene and Ruth Crawford by Charles Crawford
My husband Bill, and my parents Bob & Eloise Waggoner by Pamela Lyons
Dad (Ralph Haga, Jr) and our grandparents by Ralph, Andrea, Sydney and William Haga
Mom Taeko Loudenback, sister Patsy Murray, and grandma Elsie Loudenback by Ken Loudenback
Marlene Fore by Andrew Steward
My sister,  Jo Anne Burr by Jane Martin
Our grandparents we have so dearly loved, so sadly lost and will always remember: Don Grable, Gladys Ritenour, David & Claude Wooden, and Bill & Eileen Mansfield by Brandon & Carissa Wooden
My wonderful parents, Ken and Carolyn Jolly by Tamara Miller and family

Given in celebration of:

PUMC bell choirs & Friday Morning Bible Study by Lynn Blosser
My west coast children Natalie, Brad & Jenn Lyons by Pamela Lyons
Healthy children and grandchildren! by Larry & Anne Rudy
My family by Barbara Baker
Our parents: Carol and Bob Grimm, Barbara Blackwelder, Horace and Patricia Blackwelder by Rebecca Blackwelder
In celebration of the many Easter Sundays we have enjoyed at PUMC; and with gratitude for this ministry and the people of PUMC! by Mike and Elizabeth Gilbert