Men IN Action READ

Serving the Children of Plainfield

The 2nd annual Men IN Action READ is on Thursday, March 19. Invest in the lives of elementary students across Hendricks County by volunteering as a guest reader.

Why is this important? As male role models, men have a unique opportunity to share not only a great book with students, but also the reflection of someone who genuinely cares about them. Many can’t imagine not experiencing such care on a regular basis, but school leaders know this is a growing concern.

Involvement in this year’s Men IN Action READ event will have more impact on our community’s children than one might realize. Give a gift that will help and inspire the children of Plainfield and will leave you feeling blessed and energized.

Sign up today at If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Ken Loudenback ([email protected]).

P.S. March 19 just happens to be the first day of the NCAA basketball tournament. Make it a day by serving in the morning and enjoying the madness in the afternoon!