“TAS” is a Small Group Bible Study for middle school youth that started up last fall and meets weekly on Thursday’s After School. Students are picked up from Plainfield Community Middle School and brought back to the Church where they get some refreshments, play some games, and then get into God’s Word.

Our curriculum to date has covered “Getting to Know God,” “Paul In Rome,” and we’re currently midway through a series titled “Teens vs. Parents.” Each series is video driven providing thought provoking insights and real-life testimonials from teenagers planting the seeds for discussion and the scripture application that follows.

We have had excellent participation from our students who provide thoughtful discussion and ask great questions. The small group is led by Pastor Bob, and participating youth as shown in the picture: Isaiah Jones, Tyler Simek, Andrew Zick, Alex & Trevor Dunn, Cameron Zick, Evan Marble, Alli Woodard, and Hannah Jones.