Small Stories Big Ideas

When most people consider Jesus, they think about the miracles he performed, his death on the cross, or his resurrection from the dead. The broad strokes. And Jesus did some amazing things, there is very little Jesus cannot do. It is truly breathtaking.
But we miss the red ink.

Merely scanning the pages of red-letter Gospels reveals that Jesus spoke, a lot. Jesus is a teacher and the lessons Jesus teaches are critically important for those who love Jesus and who want to follow him.

Jesus told small stories with big ideas.

Jesus is the source of our life. Jesus invites us to live like him. Not only does he give us an example to follow through his actions, but he also teaches us about life—real life as God intended it. Jesus teaches many of those profound spiritual truths in the form of relatable, easy to understand stories called parables. A parable is a tale about a simple, common subject to illustrate a deeper, more valuable lesson.

Join us in the coming weeks in both Classic and NewDay Praise Worship (Sundays, 8:45, 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.) as we explore the key life lessons Jesus taught through small stories with big ideas.