Family Assistance

Ted Underwood,
PUMC Family Assistance Fund Coordinator

On behalf of the PUMC Family Assistance Fund I would like to take this moment to thank the entire congregation of PUMC for being so caring and giving. Reaching out the way all of PUMC reaches out is truly heart warming and so much appreciated.
I have the easy job. I get the praise when we help our fellow human beings. I get to see the look in the eyes when they tell us "God bless you" for what you do.

All of you however are the real heroes as you make it all possible.
In the year 2019 PUMC was able to help 155 local families that needed only a hand up to get them over a rough patch in their lives. We donated $15,200 for rent, utilities and other basic life needs.

Thanks to all of you.
Ted Underwood

(Learn more and donate through the church office.)