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Eugene Peterson (author of the Bible paraphrase, “The Message”) wrote about the Bible in “Eat This Book” …

“If we have not entered this text as participants we aren’t going to understand what is going on. This text cannot be understood by watching it from the bleachers—or even expensive box seats. We are in on it.”

His words remind me that the Bible has power only as I read it, engage with it, struggle with it, even disagree with it.

But the Bible is not an easy book to read or understand. It’s big. It’s complex. It uses strange language and has strange names in it. Some parts of it are outright boring. Some parts are disturbing. A few parts offer comfort or encouragement. It’s been used as a weapon and to bully people. It’s been used to advance both personal and political agendas. All the same, Christians claim it to be their primary sacred text. Some have avoided it because it’s just difficult, controversial, and confusing. So what are we to do?

Beginning February 9 in both Classic and NewDay Praise Worship, we are going to spend some time learning more about The Book, and discovering a little more about its mysterious narrative. In this three-week series, The Book, we’ll examine the many kinds of writings we find in the Bible, ways to think about it when it contradicts itself, and take a look at what it means to let Jesus interpret Scripture for us.

If you have friends and family members that might find this series interesting, please invite them to join you in worship. It doesn’t matter if persons believe in any of the Bible, if they find it weird and confusing, if they’re just curious, or they are followers of Jesus wanting a better understanding of the sacred text, everyone will find something just for them in this series. We’ll all be learning a lot, and it’s more fun to learn together. J

In NewDay Praise Worship, like all worship experiences at PUMC, we seek to create a space and experience where people who don’t know Jesus can meet him, where those who do know Jesus can grow in that relationship, and where everyone can find a warm welcome and a safe place to ask questions and talk about faith. Invite and bring your family and friends to join in worship. We’ve saved you a seat!
Pastor Elizabeth

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