The Book - How to Read It, Love It, and Live It

We’ve all been in the situation of ‘biting off more than can chew.’ The IKEA build that stretched into days of confusion and frustration. A philosophy class that is incomprehensible. The commitment to read the entire Bible this year. It doesn’t take very long into these kinds of projects to sometimes discover you just don’t have what you need to see it through.

If reading the entire Bible was a New Year’s resolution for you this year, and you started at the very beginning, you may have already hit difficult (and boring!) sections of the Old Testament leaving you scratching your head and wondering what does any of it mean.
Maybe you’ve given up or not ever tried to read it all - it’s just too daunting. Maybe the Bible was used as a weapon to belittle and shame you. The Bible is complex and can be difficult to understand. It has been misused and abused over the centuries. But maybe, just maybe, there is another way to look at it.

Join us in all adult worship on February 9, 16, and 23, to take a fresh look at the Bible. Whether you don’t believe in any of it, you find it weird and confusing, you are just curious, or you are a follower of Jesus wanting a better understanding of the sacred text, you are invited to join Plainfield UMC in Classic and NewDay Praise Worship to explore The Book.