God’s Yoga

I do yoga several times a week. Not serious yoga. No impossible-looking poses for long durations. In fact, to the untrained eye, my yoga looks more like extended stretching. Easy on the joints. I feel better and have better range of motion for common activities.
It’s a stretch for me in more ways than one. Tissues certainly get a stretch. And it stretches me to set aside time for my health. The stretching helps. While stretching, muscles and joints benefit. After stretching, strength and flexibility improve. I feel better and have more capacity for the things I want to do. It’s good for you. Try it.

Stretching is good for you.

Not only is physical stretching helpful, but spiritual stretching brings benefits, too. Consider the stretching tension as Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of God.
Life as God intended it from the beginning—the Kingdom, reign, realm, rule, and life of God—is among us. Jesus said it is already here and now. No more waiting.
Jesus also taught us to pray and ask God to bring the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Lord, please work to make life on earth everything that you intend it to be. Life is not yet complete.
So, which one is it? Is the Kingdom of God here or is it yet to be fulfilled? Yes. Both. And that’s the stretch. God’s Yoga.

We have everything we need.

As we live with Jesus, we have everything we need. Yet, there are still opportunities to reveal the love of God to others and help them to experience God’s BIG Love.
We always stretch ourselves to demonstrate love, grace, peace, and hope to others. We do it in our families. We stretch to be kind to neighbors, classmates, coworkers, and others. We reach out with care through the ministries of PUMC.

Your generosity helps us reach out to others with love.

And here’s an old bit of humor. PUMC has plenty of money. It just still happens to be in your purses and wallets.

We’re in the time of year just after vacations when financial giving in support of our ministries is a little down. I invite you to turn your attention to your financial stewardship. School has resumed from summer break and we’re all back to our routines and ongoing priorities.
PUMC can be faithful to God’s mission and purposes for us in 2019. We stretch and do God's Yoga. While stretching, the Body of Christ itself benefits. After stretching, strength and flexibility improve.

This stretch helps us to feel better and have more capacity for the things we want to do. God’s Yoga brings us confidence that we are participating in God’s purposes and fulfilling God’s work among us. Thank you for the faithful and generous ways you stretch in order to bring God’s Kingdom life into reality at PUMC.

Live better. Stretch!

Go in peace. Go with God. And be well.


Charlie Wilfong
Senior Pastor
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