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October 12, 2015, 6:47 PM

Sneak Peek: Our Organ Console

We've received an exciting update from our organ builder, Reynolds and Associates, with impressive progress afoot in constructing our pipe organ's console.

What, you may ask, is the organ console? Good question!

The console is where the organist sits to play the keyboards and pedals, and to control the dynamics, color and overall musical texture (via the drawknobs that control the groups of pipes). Our console will be movable, able to be located throughout the chancel depending on what is taking place in the chancel. It can be moved front and center for use with recitals, or it can be on the south side for one use, or on the north side of the chancel for another purpose (such as when the bell tables in place). So much flexibility!

And, it is worth repeating that we are within striking distance of completing the fundraising for the pipe organ restoration. In fact, we are so close! With around $15,000 left to raise, our challenge match concludes this Thursday evening at midnight, but I am confident that match will be met and our balance will be down to a whopping $0. If you have not made a donation or pledge yet, please do so by the end of the day on Thursday by emailing or calling Brenda in the church office. Thank you for supporting the pipe organ project, and for helping use fully realize the generous $25,000 match available to use through Thursday, October 15 at midnight.

Our console will be delivered at the end of October and placed in the main lobby so that everyone can get a close-up view at the console before it is moved into the chancel after Christmas when on-site of the pipework begins.

Stay tuned for more updates and click on the image to the left for a closer view.

Michael Pettry
Director of Music

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