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October 29, 2014, 10:00 AM

In the beginning...

Talk about an exciting time in the life and ministry of Plainfield United Methodist Church. A new pipe organ is just around the corner! Well, at least, it is a "new to us" pipe organ. (more on which pieces and parts are brand new, are refurbished, and are historic a little later in this blog)

What should we expect in this blog about our pipe organ?

  • You will receive updates on the progress of the church's Pipe Organ Restoration project every handful of weeks, or as significant milestones come to light.
  • Keep tuned-in for a variety of insight pertaining to worship, faith and art and to physics, history and craftsmanship.
  • No pipe organ blog would be complete without great visuals and audio clips of the "king of instruments."

As you read through the pipe organ blog, consider sharing interesting tidbits (and the PUMC web address) on your Facebook or Twitter feeds. This project is of interest to those associated with PUMC of course, but so too might it be intriguing to other persons not yet familiar with this congregation.

Consider yourself invited to use the pipe organ restoration project and this blog as a tool to begin conversations about this welcoming 1,100-member congregation as you go about your daily life. PUMC is known for having a rich, diverse and respected tradition of music and the pipe organ has played a central role in our worship experiences for years locally, and for centuries as Methodists and Christians around the world.

Here's to a very exiting new chapter in the worship and community outreach of Plainfield United Methodist Church.

Michael Pettry
Director of Music

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