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March 4, 2016, 1:27 PM

Great casework progress in the chancel (as of March 4, 2016)

This was an exciting week in the life of our pipe organ's restoration and expansion project. The team from Reynolds and Associates delivered nearly all of the cabinetry, including pipe racks (they hold the pipes steady and vertical) and casework for the swell (swell I) and choir divisions. 

The majority of pipes have not yet arrived on site at PUMC but will begin arriving in the coming few weeks. Many of the pipes that have been delivered onsite already are being stored in the bell choir room, and those biggest pipes are the refurbished pipes from our former Schantz pipe organ. You may recognize these as the large, 16-foot pipes that were placed against the brick wall and particularly visible.


Here, you see some of the shades that will open/close on the swell I and choir divisions of the instrument.