Mission Moment Submission

PUMC Mission Moments Submission Form

You will need the following information when submitting a Mission Moment:

  1. a valid email address that someone can contact you at if there are questions converning your submission. 
  2. date or dates for worship team to publize the Mission Moment. 
  3. a name or title for the Mission Moment. 
  4. information on the benefactor of the Mission (i.e., Costa Rica Mission, Henderson Settlement, Youth Mission Trip, etc.).
  5. a place where the event will take place.
  6. the date or dates and time of the event or mission.
  7. a brief (280 character or less) description of the event or mission.
  8. up to 10 photos or videos (no more than 1 GB mat b e uploaded) for the event promotion.

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Loudenback at kloudenback@pumc.org. 

Click here to submit a Mission Moment.